Riya Sharma

Passionate about women empowerment, perfume lover and music. Host of the Hitlist on EastFm, popular Bollywood chart busters and scoop on celebrities is what I dish out in style.

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Myra Yusuf

Myra is an entrepreneur, lover of all things trendy, fashion, lifestyle. A Bollywood movie and music buff .And playing with danger on regular Sundays with Clay skeet/trap shooting. Myra hosts The Trend on East FM; The Trend on East FM is where local meets international- all current trending news served Hot, find out who is […]

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Rehmat Hafiz


I always felt I was born for something interesting. And what can be more interesting than Bollywood right? For close to 2 years I have been doing 2 shows on air – All The Best which is a Bollywood theme based show and every week, I play songs based on a certain theme and keep […]

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Nilofer Khan

When I was born, I didn’t say maa. I said cinema. Yes thats how filmy I am. Born and brought up in the city of Bollywood that is of course Mumbai and having worked there and now in Nairobi, I have been a successful RJ for half a decade having given my voice to many […]

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Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat Kaur, Journalist with a knack for photography, creative & witty. Lover for dark humor but with a warm heart. Living by the motto sanu ki. The Big Breakfast: hosted by Alykhan and Nimrat Kaur every morning on weekdays where dues are paid forward, the big lies spotted, the world is spoken off, Bollywood touched […]

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Parveen Adam

I host the mid morning program Bemisaal Andaz between Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm. Features include: Interviews with doctors, religious scholars, music artists and various other experts in their field Daily discussions engaging listeners on topics affecting Kenya and South East Asian countries Segment on the journey of Indian cinema so far, is done […]

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