Nilofer Khan

When I was born, I didn’t say maa. I said cinema. Yes thats how filmy I am.

Born and brought up in the city of Bollywood that is of course Mumbai and having worked there and now in Nairobi, I have been a successful RJ for half a decade having given my voice to many flagship shows of East FM like Weekend ka Tadka, Citylights, The Ignition and now Nilofer on Air and Silsile.

Both my shows are unique. With Nilofer on Air, I get to play popular bollywood numbers and discuss various burning issues in a light way and also share the bollywood gossip.

With Silsile, I get to become a time traveller and take my listeners through the various eras of Bollywood music and make them reminisce about the era gone by.

I bridge the gap between Bollywood and Kenya something which our station does every day.

My Bollywood experience helps me to give trivia to our listeners who are hooked. While I can get people laughing with my carefree conversations, I also make them seriously change their perspective or to act on issues concerning life through my shows.

My fluent local Mumbaiyya style of speaking and using Bollywood dialogues in everyday lingo makes me stand out.

I am feisty, yet sensitive with an ability to connect in with both the classes and the masses about anything.

So while Priyanka Chopra started it, I also stake claim to be the original desi girl.

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