Although one may disagree with Kangana on some of her opinions, it is hard to dispute that she is a brilliant actress. Kangana Ranaut might have established her own empire today and has carved a space in the industry with no prior familial connections to the industry, but it hasn’t been a bed of roses for the actress.

In several interviews, she has spoken about how she had run away from home and come to Mumbai with just Rs 1500 in her pocket. From there, today she’s turned out to be the highest-paid heroine in Bollywood. Opening up about her struggles during her initial days in the industry, Kangana spoke about how she could not afford designer gowns to wear to award functions. She shared that she was helped by a friend Rick Roy, who was also a designer but was struggling himself.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Kangana said, “Initially when you start, you don’t get paid. You’re not a star kid who is given stylists and who tell them what to style with what. I remember after Gangster, I was going for these award functions where I was getting an award. I didn’t have clothes to wear. I didn’t even have any money to buy those clothes. So there was this designer friend of mine Rick Roy who used to sponsor my clothes. He was struggling himself but his parents were supporting him.” She continued, “He would make these gowns for me and I’d wonder where he’s getting the money from. But it was wonderful that somebody came to my help. Otherwise, how would I even go to these functions? I wouldn’t have made it to those award nights. I didn’t have clothes. Otherwise, I used to wear a few Mango tops and for me, those were the luxury brands. That was the best I could afford at that point. I didn’t have access to anything. From there, I came here so it’s amazing.”

Today, undoubtedly Kangana is a celeb who makes the most impressive style statements, be it airport looks or movie premieres.

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